Nigel de Jong had already replaced striker Edin Dzeko in a surprise substitution after which Tevez was told by Mancini he would also be thrown into the fray as City chased a two-goal deficit. However, Mancini told Sky Sports 2: "He refused to come on. "One player refused to go on - I can't accept this." When asked if he had any explanation for Tevez's behaviour, Mancini shrugged: "It is impossible. "I asked him to go in and help with the team. We have 11 players. Maybe he was disappointed because he didn't play (from the start)." On whether he wished to see Tevez tomorrow, Mancini said: "Tomorrow is a day off...." Dzeko had also reacted badly to being substituted and replaced by holding midfielder De Jong. Mancini added: "He is disappointed. "But the manager can do what he thinks. I thought it was better like this. I need to speak with him." Mancini admitted he had "made a mistake" with Pablo Zabaleta as the Argentinian had not been an aggressor in the situation and had instead appeared to have an exchange with Tevez.