The wantaway playmaker could now take the field in Thursday night's Europa League play-off clash against the Jambos at White Hart Lane. Modric has not played a competitive match for Spurs since Chelsea launched the first of three bids for the player in the middle of June. The 25-year-old has been diagnosed with minor ankle, groin and hamstring injuries over the last few weeks and also refused to play in Monday's 3-0 defeat at Manchester United as he thought he was not focused enough. Redknapp is growing tired of the speculation surrounding Modric and wants to see him turning out for Spurs soon. Should he overcome his minor hamstring injury, Redknapp would have no qualms in throwing him into an otherwise inexperienced team to play Hearts in the play-off second leg. That would mean Modric would be ineligible to play in the Champions League until February - a move which could severely diminish Chelsea's desire to land the star given the importance they give the competition. Redknapp, however, sees Modric as a Spurs player and will select him if he is fit. "I don't know if he will be fit but if he is okay, I would be looking to give him an hour. If he is fit, he will play," Redknapp said. When pushed on the effect that could have on Modric's move to Stamford Bridge, Redknapp retorted: "We are not in the Champions League so it won't affect us. "I'm not bothered about anyone else. He is here, we love him, he is a great player and I need him back playing." Redknapp revealed on Wednesday that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy had contacted the Blues to tell them to put an end to their pursuit of Modric. He said: "The chairman made another statement last night that he is definitely not going. "He said he spoke to Chelsea and he told them, 'Let's put an end to this because it's not going to happen'." Redknapp was also keen to stress that Spurs will bring in at least two more players before the transfer window shuts next week. Emmanuel Adebayor could complete his loan from Manchester City before the start of next week. Spurs fans chanted insulting songs at the former Arsenal man when he scored two goals against the White Hart Lane club for Real Madrid last year. Redknapp admits the Spurs faithful must not let Adebayor's former club be an issue if he signs. "If he comes here, he is coming here because he wants to," Redknapp said. "He could sit and take the money at Man City but he is taking a wage drop to come here. "It takes nerve. Patrick Vieira wanted to come to Tottenham. I thought it was amazing because he was a far bigger legend than Adebayor at Arsenal. "He just wants to play football. He hasn't committed a crime. He hasn't murdered anyone. He has played for Arsenal, then Man City and now he wants to come to Tottenham. "That doesn't make you a bad person. I can't understand it really."