For Premier League football fans who don't have season tickets and are looking for a bargain, Blackburn is the club for you.

Blackburn offers the least expensive single game ticket - 10 pounds ($16.30) - of the 20 league clubs, according to a BBC survey released Tuesday.

Throw in a pie, matchday program and a cup of tea, and the whole day out at Blackburn costs a league-low 17.50 pounds ($28.60).

By contrast, a fan spending a day out at Liverpool's Anfield stadium will shell out a minimum of 47 pounds ($76), with the cheapest ticket costing 39 pounds ($63).

Arsenal offers the most expensive single ticket in the Premier League at 100 pounds ($162), followed by Chelsea at 87 pounds ($140) and Tottenham at 80 pounds ($130).

Liverpool charges 48 pounds ($78) for its most lucrative seat.

Premier League winners Manchester United charge 28 pounds ($46) as their cheapest entry fee, with the most expensive ticket selling for 55 pounds ($90).

The league said clubs try to offer prices for fans with different budgets.

''With Premier League grounds over 92 percent full on average in each of the last three seasons, fans are enjoying the football and the overall matchday experiences that are on offer,'' the league said in a statement.

''It is also worth taking into account that fans want to watch games featuring top talent in safe stadia; our clubs have invested more than 2 billion pounds ($3.3 billion) in facilities and continue to invest heavily in developing and acquiring the best possible players to make the whole fan experience as good as possible''.

Malcolm Clarke, chairman of the Football Supporters' Federation, is worried that football could become too expensive for ordinary fans.

''It's important that football continues to be attractive to whole cross-section of society, so it doesn't become something only middle-class and upper-class can afford,'' he said.

The demand for tickets at Premier League clubs remains high, especially at the top four clubs.

Arsenal sold over 60,000 tickets for a preseason friendly against Boca Juniors.

On top of having one of the most expensive tickets in the Premier League, Tottenham also has the most expensive matchday program along with Fulham at 3.50 pounds ($5.75). All other Premier League clubs charge 3 pounds ($4.90) for their program.