Festivities for the Universidad de Chile's big win in first division soccer ended with 183 people under arrest and a pharmacy looted in downtown Santiago, police said Monday.

Officers arrested 106 people for disorderly conduct, 25 for drug possession, 28 for attacks on public transport and 24 for robbery, carrying knives and inflicting wounds.

Some 15,000 fans of the U, as the team is known, gathered Sunday in the downtown Plaza Italia, the usual site for soccer rallies, to cheer the victory of their team over Universidad Catolica.

The partying was clouded for most of the fans by the disorder and violence of isolated groups of young people, one of which broke into a pharmacy and looted it for several minutes until police intervened.

But Carabinero militarized police patrols soon showed up with water cannons and tear gas to disperse the unruly crowds, and the soccer celebration was over.