Paul Lambert has warned Norwich fans he may not be able to spend much of the extra funds earned by their promotion to the Premier League.

The Canaries sealed back-to-back promotions last week to return to the top flight for the first time in seven years and claim the financial rewards that go with it.

The club celebrated with an open-top bus parade around the packed streets of Norwich on Tuesday evening, but amid the joyous scenes Lambert admitted he may be restricted in his spending this summer.

"I'd like to stress that their shouldn't be a euphoria that this (promotion) money is going to land on my doorstep," he told Sky Sports News.

"I'll have a chat with the board and what we can do, is what we can do.

"The reality of the game is I need help and I'm sure they do everything the can to give me that help. I'll wait and see what will happen."

The Scot said the club would spend wisely after plunging deep into debt to precipitate their slide down into the third tier.

"The club won't go down the road of a couple of years ago when we nearly went out of business," he added. "That's the reality of football.

"I'd like to think (I will get some funds). Generally the chats we have had have been OK, but I just have to wait and see.

"It's not a day for that, it's a day for the fans to be together."

Norwich fans turned out in the thousands for the celebrations and Lambert said the players deserved all the plaudits they were set to receive after securing their immediate promotion from the Championship.

"It's a hard league to get out of, thankfully we've done it," he said. "It's a testament to the players and the fans that they can have something like this here. I'm absolutely delighted for them.

"These things don't come around very often and when they do, and there's only one team in the city, you see the power of the fanbase that Norwich has got.

"I'm under no illusions about what is ahead of us.

"When I watched Chelsea and Manchester United the other day and Liverpool last night - they're teams that are top, top sides and we've earned the right to play them."