Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard insists the Reds are determined to reclaim their league titles record from Manchester United.

Sunday's 2-1 success over nearest rivals Chelsea means United are almost certain to win the Premier League crown yet again, the 12th time since the league's inception in 1992.

And United will overtake Liverpool as the country's most successful club in league action, with their 19th title to Liverpool's 18, and Gerrard admits that hurts the Merseysiders.

Liverpool's impressive form since Kenny Dalglish's return as manager leads Gerrard to believe they are now once again on the up.

"It hurts because we held the record for so long," said Gerrard. "Give credit where it's due, they've overtaken us for the time being.

"But we are on our way back up and we won't give up the fight to overtake them again - don't worry about that. That is the motivation.

"We can still boast about the European Cups, of course, but everyone here will be doing everything we can to get the league record back."