During a last-minute campaign stop in Grand Rapids on the eve of the state's primary, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz urged Michigan voters Monday night to head to the polls for him — arguing that he is the only candidate in the GOP field that can defeat front-runner Donald Trump and win the party's nomination.

Cruz said he understands that voters are angry, but they shouldn't take out their frustration by voting for Trump. He says Trump's campaign contributions to Democrats have funded "Washington corruption" for decades.

Emerging as Trump's strongest competitor, Cruz has accumulated the second-most delegates. He's criticizing Trump for saying in last week's GOP debate in Detroit that he is "flexible" on policy positions.

Republicans in Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii will also be voting Tuesday.

For his part, Trump is repeating his vow to work to boost Christians' political power if he's elected president as he makes his final pitch to Mississippi voters.

He said that if Christians could band together, they'd be the country's most potent lobby. "Christianity is being chipped away," Trump said, blaming regulations that limit the political activity of pastors and others who lead tax-exempt organizations.

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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