Deputy Interior Minister Carlos Ferro resigned on Tuesday a few hours after he was linked with an alleged male prostitution network extending into Colombia's National Police, official sources told EFE.

Ferro's resignation was seen as part of an internal restructuring of the Interior Ministry, the sources said.

Earlier Tuesday, Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez announced that he was opening an investigation of Police director Gen. Rodolfo Palomino regarding the "creation and launching of an alleged male prostitution network."

"The facts, reported to the AG Office, are relevant in the penal environment since this conduct could link different crimes such as pimping, incitement to prostitution and people trafficking of members of the police," Ordoñez said during a news conference.

He said that "different evidence has been gathered, produced from visits and testimony," including a statement given by police Capt. Anyelo Palacios Montero "regarding retired Capt. John Fabio Marin Larrahondo."

Participating in the crimes were "presumably ... a senator ... who currently holds a top post in the government," the inspector general said.

Later, La FM radio published a video online showing a shocking conversation between Ferro, when he was still a senator, and a police officer, purportedly Palacios Montero.

In the video, Ferro and the officer are talking loudly and explicitly about their homosexual preferences.

"The issues from this morning accelerated (Ferro's) resignation," one of the sources told EFE. EFE