Mark Ruffalo asked presidential candidate Marina Silva to pull a video from her Web site in which the U.S. actor of "Hulk" fame endorsed her bid for the Oct. 5 election in Brazil.

Ruffalo changed his mind about Silva because of the Brazilian Socialist Party candidate's opposition to same-sex marriage, he said on social networks Monday night.

Ruffalo, also known for his roles in romantic comedies, said Silva's position on homosexual marriage is in "direct conflict" with his beliefs.

"I cannot, in good conscience, support a candidate with extreme right positions regarding same sex marriage and reproductive rights, even if that candidate is resolved to do the right thing on environmental issues," Ruffalo wrote.

The 56-year-old Silva, a devout evangelical Christian, opposes same-sex marriage, although she agrees that homosexuals should be recognized in stable unions.

Same-sex civil unions were approved in 2013 by Brazil's National Justice Council, but Congress has not legislated yet on marriages as demanded by gay rights activists.

Last Sunday, the 47-year-old Ruffalo, who was raised a Catholic, announced his endorsement of Silva's candidacy on a video that even today was accessible on her Web site.

In the video, Ruffalo described Silva as "one of the world's most exciting and interesting political figures," and, pointing to the Brazilian politician's positions on environmental issues, he said "she understands the new paradigm the world needs now."

"Even Hulk steps away" from Silva, quipped the campaign of President Dilma Rousseff, whose bid for a second term has been challenged by Silva.

Silva was nominated as a candidate in mid-August, when PSB candidate Eduardo Campos died in a plane crash in the city of Santos.

The first weeks of Silva's campaign saw her soaring in opinion polls, and for a few days she took the lead over Rousseff, but her numbers have been tumbling since early September. EFE