Honduran authorities detained Monday 16 undocumented Cubans as they tried to travel from this Central American country to the United States, a National Police spokesperson said.

The immigrants were taken into custody at the Agua Caliente customs post on the border between Honduras and Guatemala following a routine police inspection, the spokesperson told reporters

He said the Cubans were traveling on an intercity bus that covers the route between San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras, and Agua Caliente.

The spokesperson said that none of the Cubans had documents, so they were sent to an office of the National Migration Institute to have their migratory status in the country determined.

In recent years, Honduras has become a transit point for immigrants, especially Cubans, who leave their own country to go to the United States.

In this year alone there have already been 1,600 Cuban migrants detained in Honduras, according to the authorities. EFE