The chairman of Mexico's conservative National Action Party, or PAN, announced the dismissal of the party's leaders in the lower house of Congress after they were caught on video dancing with scantily clad women at a private party.

PAN lower house coordinator Luis Alberto Villarreal and his deputy, Jorge Villalobos, will be replaced by Jose Isabel Trejo Reyes and Aurora Aguilar, respectively, party chief Gustavo Madero told a press conference.

The PAN, with 114 seats, is the second-largest bloc in the 500-member Chamber of Deputies, behind the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI.

Besides Villarreal and Villalobos, five other PAN deputies appear in the video shot on the terrace of a luxury residence in the resort city of Puerto Vallarta: Martin Lopez, Maximo Othon, Alejandro Zapata, Jose Alfredo Labastida and Raul Paz Alonso.

While Villarreal is seen dancing energetically with a young woman wearing a miniskirt, Labastida can be spotted emerging from the inside of the home with his shirt unbuttoned, accompanied by another young woman.

Villarreal on Tuesday offered apologies to his "family, loved ones and, in general, to the entire population."

The PAN is allied with the most conservative elements of the Catholic Church in Mexico. EFE