Honduran authorities detained Tuesday 75 Cubans trying to get to the United States, a police spokesman said.

A group of 15 Cubans - 10 men, four women and a toddler - was detained in customs at Agua Caliente on the border between Honduras and Guatemala, following a routine police check.

Another 27 Cubans arrived Tuesday on a raft to the island of Guanaja in the Honduran Caribbean, while yet another 33 arrived at Puerto Cortes in the north, the police spokesman said.

He said that none of the Cubans were carrying documents, so they were handed over to the immigration office to define their migratory status.

In recent years Honduras has become a transit zone for immigrants, especially Cubans, who leave their country to go to the United States, and in this year alone more than 700 Cubans have been detained here. EFE