A 32-year-old American citizen suspected of being a U.S. agent will remain in custody following a ruling Wednesday by a court in Venezuela, the Attorney General's Office said.

Todd Michael Leininger was arrested last Saturday in the southwestern state of Tachira, where he has lived for two months with his Venezuelan wife.

Leininger will be held under preventive arrest on attempted murder, arms and criminal conspiracy charges, the AG's office said, citing the rule by the court in Tachira.

Police found three rifles, including one with a telescopic sight and silencer, two pistols, ammunition and eight military-style uniforms at the suspect's residence, Tachira Gov. Jose Vielma said.

A document identifying Leininger as a captain in a U.S. police or military unit was also found by investigators, the governor said.

Vielma showed reporters the uniforms and firearms during a presentation on the case.

The American was arrested after relatives of Jorge Santos Sandoval, a neighbor he allegedly threatened to shoot for refusing to turn down his stereo, called police, Vielma said. EFE