El Salvador's TSE electoral tribunal officially proclaimed the candidate of the ruling leftist FMLN as the winner of the March 9 presidential runoff.

"Based on the results obtained, Mr. Salvador Sanchez Ceren and Mr. Oscar Samuel Ortiz Ascencio are declared president-elect and vice president-elect of the Republic," TSE chair Eugenio Chicas said in a message transmitted live on all radio and television stations.

Chicas said that the TSI verified that Sanchez Ceren beat Norman Quijano, the candidate of the main opposition right-wing ARENA party, by just 0.22 percentage points.

The FMLN standard-bearer got 1.49 million votes, or 50.11 percent of the total, compared with 1.48 million - 49.89 percent - for Quijano.

In addition, the TSE rejected a move by ARENA to have the election declared null and void.

Quijano claims he was cheated of victory and has asked the Attorney General's Office and the Supreme Court to intervene and order a manual recount.

The new president will take office on June 1 for the 2014-2019 term. EFE