CNN reported Friday that the Venezuelan government has revoked the press credentials of seven of its journalists in the Andean nation.

The journalists are employed by CNN International and CNN en Español.

In a communique, CNN said that correspondent and CNN en Español anchor Patricia Janiot and her producer had their work permits cancelled.

Also revoked was the permit for Rafael Romo of CNN International, according to the network's communique.

"Venezuela's deputy minister of communications on Thursday told our correspondent, Osmary Hernandez, that her permit to work as an accredited correspondent had been revoked," says the note published by CNN on its Web site in Spanish.

President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday he would expel the network if it failed to "rectify" its coverage of the situation in Venezuela, where eight people have died since anti-government protests began on Feb. 12.

"They want to show the world that there is a civil war in Venezuela," the leftist president said of CNN.

"CNN has reported both sides of the tense situation in Venezuela, even with very limited access to government officials," CNN en Español said in a statement.

On Feb. 12 the Venezuelan government shut down the signal of the Colombian cable news channel NTN24, accusing it of projecting the uncertain atmosphere of an incipient coup d'etat.

"No one is going to come from the outside to try and disturb the psychological climate of Venezuela," Maduro said at the time.