Cuban dissident Jorge Luis Garcia Perez completed the fourth day of a hunger strike at his home besieged by State Security, wife Iris Perez told Efe.

In a telephone conversation from the central Cuban town of Placetas, Perez said that her husband, commonly known as "Antunez," is "very frail" and complained that their home remains "surrounded" by authorities.

Antunez began fasting last Monday in protest over a Feb. 5 incident that involved the search of his home and confiscation of some possessions.

"It's a question of principles, not of materialism. He'll stop the hunger strike when they return everything they stole from us," his wife said Friday.

She added that on Thursday, State Security and Interior Ministry agents raided their home again after handcuffing Antunez and dragging him outside.

Antunez, 49, was released from prison in 2007 after serving 17 years for spreading "enemy propaganda," among other offenses.

He told Efe last week that the official harassment was in retaliation for anti-government statements he made during a recent international tour that included stops in the United States, Poland, Hungary, Norway and Taiwan.

Cuba's Communist government dismisses most dissidents as counter-revolutionaries and "mercenaries" on the payroll of the United States. EFE