Doctors detected no problems during a routine follow-up examination of President Cristina Fernandez four months after she underwent surgery to drain blood from her skull, the Argentine government said Friday.

The results of brain scans and an electrocardiogram were "satisfactory," the Presidential Medical Unit said in a statement.

Thursday's examination was part of regular monitoring of Fernandez's condition in the wake of October's surgery, the statement said.

Doctors proscribed a month of complete rest for the 60-year-old, two-term president following the procedure and Fernandez has kept a low profile since officially resuming her duties in November.

Her most recent public appearance was on Wednesday, when she spoke out to defend the government's economic policies and to blame speculation and manipulation for driving up prices and putting pressure on the peso.

Fernandez, who was diagnosed last month with bursitis in one leg and has begun physical therapy, is due to leave Friday for her private residence in the remote southern province of Santa Cruz, where she normally spends weekends.

Barred from seeking a third term, Fernandez said in December that she will not seek any elective office in 2015, when her mandate ends.

Her husband and predecessor, Nestor Kirchner, died in October 2010 of a heart attack. He was 60. EFE