The Venezuelan government suspended for an indefinite period the sending of family remittances to people living in Colombia, according to a special edition of the Official Gazette on Monday.

The prohibition against sending money outside Venezuela to relatives in Colombia will remain in effect "until the mechanism and the new conditions applicable for that end are put in place," reads the text of the announcement.

The measure comes four days after a meeting between the foreign ministers of Venezuela and Colombia - Elias Jaua and Maria Angela Holguin, respectively - which culminated with the signing of a series of accords to fight smuggling and other illicit activities, including those committed with funds subsidized by the Venezuelan government.

The remittances, according to what was agreed to by Jaua and Holguin, will no longer be made in dollars but in Colombian pesos to stymie those who have taken advantage of the mechanism to resell in Venezuela at black market rates funds provided by the state within the exchange rate control framework in effect there since 2003.

Within a month, a meeting is expected to be held to analyze the results of the bilateral agreements, according to Jaua.

The resolution is part of a new offensive by Caracas to halt the flight of dollars from the country. EFE