Spain's Princess Letizia, the wife of Crown Prince Felipe, on Monday showed her support for the collaboration agreement reached between the Spanish and Portuguese federations that deal with rare diseases and seek to improve quality of life for those who suffer such illnesses in Ibero-America.

At the Zarzuela Palace, the residence of the royal family outside Madrid, the princess received representatives of both federations, FEDER and FEDRA, who told her about the cooperation agreement they had signed.

Princess Letizia also expressed her support, during two other audiences, for the work of the Spanish Association for Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, or SWH, which is a member of FEDER, as well as the projects of the Carmen Pardo-Valcarce Foundation, which promote people with mental debilities being integrated into the work force.

The princess, an active supporter of FEDER, follows with interest the initiatives of that organization and of its Portuguese counterpart, focused on improving quality of life for patients and their families.

FEDRA president Paula Cristina de Britto Cardoso, FEDER president Juan Carrion and three other representatives of the Spanish federation told the princess about the preparations underway for the 2nd Ibero-American Rare Diseases Congress in Lisbon, as well as other joint political activities promoting government aid for this group.

FEDER, an umbrella organization of more than 200 associations, estimates that some 35 percent of children suffering from any of the 900 rare diseases that have been detected die before they become adults. EFE