Spain's King Juan Carlos has decided to set fixed salaries for Queen Sofia and the Princess of Asturias as of this year, as is already the case with Crown Prince Felipe, a Royal Palace spokesman said Monday.

The general government budget appropriated 7.77 million euros (about $10.56 million) for the royal household in 2014, with the king receiving a gross salary of 292,752 euros (about $394,955), while Felipe, the Prince of Asturias, is paid half that amount.

The salaries are paid for services performed by members of the royal family for the state.

Queen Sofia's salary has been set at 131,739 euros (about $179,000) for 2014, while the Princess of Asturias will be paid 102,464 euros (some $139,300).

The queen will be paid about 45 percent of what the king receives and Princess Letizia will get an amount equivalent to 35 percent.

Princess Elena, the eldest daughter of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, will have her expenses for representing the state capped at 25,000 euros (about $34,000).

The members of the royal family who engage in official activities - the king, queen, crown prince and Princess Elena - received 3,934 people at 202 audiences in 2013, a year in which they participated in 477 official acts, including private events, as a group in Spain and abroad.

Princess Cristina, the king's youngest daughter, has not participated in public events since October 2011 because of the money laundering and tax fraud case involving her husband.

The princess has been named a suspect in the case and is scheduled to testify on Saturday before a judge. EFE