The only woman who was part of the "Group of 75" political prisoners told Efe Wednesday that she asked a Cuban court to send her back to jail, because she prefers it to the "siege" she says she has been suffering under for months in her home in Havana.

Marta Beatriz Roque, who was paroled in 2004, said on Monday that she presented a letter to the court asking for the revocation of her parole in the face of the "harassment" she is suffering from neighbors and the police.

"The situation is simply that I cannot enter or leave my house freely, people who want to come to visit cannot do so. It's just as if I were in prison with only the difference that instead of a cell I'm in an apartment," the 68-year-old Roque said.

"Let them send me to prison, because that’s preferable to living in this prison,” she told the Miami Herald.

The "siege" began in November and there are days on which it is difficult for her to go out to buy food and so she decided to send the letter to the authorities, she said.

Nevertheless, Roque said Wednesday that, upon coming out of the court on Monday, she was arrested and taken to a police station where a State Security official told her that none of her petitions would be responded to positively.

She added that the same official told her that the authorities would not intervene in any act of harassment on the part of her neighbors and he stressed that dissidents would not be allowed to meet in her home.

Thirteen of the 75 dissidents sentenced to prison sentences of 15 or more years in 2003 were released before serving their full sentences and continue to live in Cuba on parole.

The Cuban government considers dissidents to be counterrevolutionaries and mercenaries in the service of the United States.

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