Construction of a new bridge over the Parana River, which forms a natural boundary between Brazil and Paraguay, will begin after June once the bidding process has concluded, Paraguayan Foreign Minister Eladio Loizaga said.

He made his remarks in a press conference after a meeting Thursday between Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes and Brazilian Foreign Minister Luiz Alberto Figueiredo at the presidential residence in this capital.

The bidding process for the project to build a second border bridge - after the Friendship Bridge that links Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, and Foz de Iguazu, Brazil - will begin in February.

Cartes and Figueiredo also discussed other infrastructure proposals that would strengthen bilateral ties, including plans for establishing transnational railway and waterway links, Loizaga said.

They also spoke about an action plan signed by both governments earlier this week that is aimed at bringing Brazilian companies to Paraguay, the foreign minister said.

That agreement also seeks to promote cooperation between Paraguayan and Brazilian companies.

"We discussed several matters pertaining to this ever-expanding bilateral integration that is a product of a deep friendship and also something that has been promoted between the presidents (Cartes and Brazilian head of state Dilma Rousseff)," Figueiredo said after an earlier meeting with Loizaga at Paraguay's Foreign Ministry. EFE