Sara Martha Fonseca, a member of Cuba's Ladies in White opposition movement, arrived in the United States as a political refugee along with her husband and two children, media outlets reported Thursday.

"I never thought I'd leave Cuba, but I had to live these past few years under the harassment of the thugs of the regime and I was afraid for my life and the future of my children," Fonseca said upon her arrival in Miami.

Fonseca, 43, is a native of Villa Clara and joined the Pro Human Rights Party of Cuba in 2004, according to the Cafe Fuerte Web site.

"Since then, her opposition activity increased on different fronts, being arrested and threatened on multiple occasions," the Web site said.

Fonseca, her husband, fellow dissident Julio Leon Perez, and the couple's two children, Ignacio and Julio, arrived on Tuesday afternoon at Miami's international airport.

Apparently, the family traveled on Wednesday to Elizabeth, New Jersey, where they will live and continue their struggle for freedom and democracy on the communist-ruled island.

Fonseca's son Julio is a member of the rap duo Julito y el Primario and has been arrested several times by Cuban authorities evidently for the critical content of his songs.

Among the reasons spurring her to go into exile, Fonseca told Miami's AmericaTV, were "serious health problems caused by the beatings" she had received over her years of political activism.

"I have two herniated disks, dental problems and an internal problem that has become aggravated; but I trust in God and that all will come out OK," she added. EFE