The governments of Spain and Japan agreed to cooperate to take advantage of the economic growth of Latin America and the countries of Asia, opening the doors for one another to the regions where they have the most influence.

This cooperation was firmed up during the Tuesday and Wednesday visit to Spain of Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, who met both with his Spanish counterpart, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and was received in an audience by King Juan Carlos.

"Spain will be for Japan the entry door to Latin America and Japan will be the door to Asia for Spain," the assistant director of communications in the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Koichi Mizushima, told reporters.

Regarding Latin America, the two countries agreed to cooperate by increasing communication and other contacts between their embassies in that region, where Spain is the second-largest investor after the United States, and shares a common language, Mizushima emphasized, adding that this issue was discussed on Wednesday at the meeting between Rajoy and Kishida.

The Japanese official also noted that his country was an observer at the most recent Ibero-American Summit, which was held in Panama last October.

The Japanese minister congratulated Rajoy on his efforts to rekindle the Spanish economy and the two men discussed the areas of renewable energy, health and infrastructure, where - the Japanese spokesman said - both countries are "strong."

Mizushima also said that this is Kishida's first official visit abroad in 2014, emphasizing that the two nations are celebrating four centuries of bilateral relations and, to mark the occasion, the two ministers exchanged jerseys of their respective national soccer teams with their surnames and the number 400 on the back. EFE