North Korean leader Kim Jong-un celebrated his 31st birthday on Wednesday with a basketball game pitting a team led by Dennis Rodman and other former NBA stars against local players.

The young North Korean leader looked on as the players took the court for the start of the game at 4:00 p.m., a representative of Koryo Tours told NK News from Pyongyang.

The basketball game appears to have been the most important event scheduled on Kim's birthday, which received no coverage in state media.

North Korea, which is known for the cult of personality created around its leaders, celebrates the birthdays of former dictator Kim Jong-il and the nation's founder, Kim Il-sung, the father and grandfather, respectively, of the current leader.

It is not known whether KCTV, North Korea's state television network, or other state media outlets will report on the game, which featured Rodman and former NBA stars Vin Baker and Cliff Robinson, among others.

KCTV, North Korea's only television network, carried its usual programming, mostly films and documentaries on the achievements of the Kim dynasty, on Wednesday.

The level of secrecy in Pyongyang is so high that Kim's age is not known with full certainty, although most experts say the North Korean leader turned 31 on Wednesday, making him one of the world's youngest heads of state.

Kim Jong-un became North Korea's leader following his father's death in December 2011. EFE