Seventy-three percent of Americans feel that Congress has done practically nothing good for the country since the November 2012 elections, according to a CNN survey released Thursday.

Congress has only approved 58 laws since its new session began in January, the lowest total since 1947.

Divided between a House of Representatives dominated by the Republicans and a Senate with a Democratic majority, Congress was unable last October to avoid a 16-day partial government shutdown due to lawmakers' inability to reach a budget agreement.

Congress has also been unable to move forward on finalizing an immigration reform package, another bill that has been stymied for months.

The disenchantment with Congress comes just a few months before the mid-term legislative elections in November 2014.

The CNN poll, which has an error margin of +/- 3 percent, found that 43 percent of Americans are currently unenthused about the possibility of going to the polls, compared with 25 percent four years ago.

In the survey, which was conducted in mid-December, 49 percent of respondents said they intended to vote for Republicans and 44 percent said they intended to vote for Democrats.

Two months ago, 50 percent of registered voters said that they intended to vote for Democratic candidates in the legislative elections, compared to 42 percent who favored the Republicans.

The six-percentage-point decline for the Democrats occurred during the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama's major domestic initiative.

Persistent problems with the Web site that is at the heart of the ACA's insurance exchanges have held down the number of people who have been able to sign up for "Obamacare." EFE