Cuban President Raul Castro met here with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro, Cuba's official media said Tuesday.

"During the brotherly session, the two presidents discussed the victory of the Bolivarian and Chavista Revolution in Venezuela's recent municipal elections, and agreed on the importance of the close ties uniting the two peoples and governments," Cuban Communist Party daily Granma said.

Cuban media published Tuesday photos and videos of the meeting.

Maduro flew to Cuba with his wife, Cilia Flores, for a visit that had not been announced previously.

Granma also reported that the Venezuelan president met Monday with Rene Gonzalez, one of the five Cuban agents arrested in the United States in 1998 and convicted in 2001 for espionage, and the only one who has yet been freed.

Gonzalez presented Maduro with a painting of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez together with his daughter Maria, the work of Antonio Guerrero, one of the agents still in prison in the United States.

Last Saturday the Venezuelan president had a "prolonged meeting" with retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Cuban media said Maduro had traveled to the island "to symbolically commemorate the 19th anniversary of Comandante Hugo Chavez's first visit to Cuba and his historic meeting with Fidel" on Dec. 14, 1994.

Under Chavez, who died last March 5, Venezuela became Cuba's chief political and economic ally. EFE