The High Electoral Court, or TSE, of Honduras reconfirmed Wednesday that Juan Orlando Hernandez of the governing National Party won the Nov. 24 presidential election and is president-elect despite a complaint filed by the opposition Freedom and Refounding, or Libre, party.

The TSE "declares ... Juan Orlando Hernandez to be elected as constitutional president of the Republic of Honduras for a period of four years starting Jan. 27, 2014," according to the ruling read Wednesday by the president of the body, David Matamoros.

In addition, it declared Ricardo Alvarez, Roxana Guevara and Lorena Herrera to be the country's three vice presidents-elect.

According to the final TSE figures, Hernandez garnered 1,149,302 million votes, or 36.89 percent, of the 3,115,448 million votes cast, while the candidate of the leftist Libre Party, Xiomara Castro, who does not recognize the results, obtained 896,498 votes, or 28.77 percent.

Some 5.3 million Hondurans over age 18 were eligible to vote.

Participating in the elections were nine parties, four of which emerged after the June 28, 2009, coup d'etat that deposed then-President Manuel Zelaya, who - along with the Libre presidential candidate, who is his wife - last Friday filed a formal contestation of the presidential election result with the TSE.

Zelaya does not accept the election results and on Wednesday called upon Libre supporters to demand on Thursday that the TSE review the voting rolls and vote count arguing that there were irregularities in the polling that "stole" the election from his wife.

Before the TSE ruling, Hernandez had already been recognized as president-elect by the rest of the Central American countries, Colombia, Chile, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Italy and Japan, among others. EFE