Members of the Ladies in White dissident group on Tuesday were severely harassed by Cuban government supporters as they were trying to gather at a crowded spot in Havana to begin a march to commemorate U.N. International Human Rights Day.

Efe saw at least 20 of the Ladies, who arrived at the spot in small groups, cleared from the location and placed by security agents and police into cars and buses while being harassed by a large pro-regime mob.

"Death to the Ladies in White" and "Down with the worms" were some of the insults shouted by government partisans at the women, the latter term being a common one used by island authorities and residents for Cubans who do not support the Revolution.

The Ladies offered no resistance to their eviction and some of them shouted phrases like "Freedom for Cuba" making an "L" with their fingers.

Other opposition members were also the targets on Tuesday of state-sponsored harassment, including a discussion group headed by Antonio Gonzalez Rodiles in his home to celebrate the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Near Gonzalez Rodiles' home the Communist government organized festive activities and games with the assistance of several dozen school children while loudly singing songs by popular singer Silvio Rodriguez.

In remarks to Efe, Gonzalez Rodiles said he regretted that the Cuban government considers Human Rights Day to be a day of confrontation and called it "really low" to use children "for these things." EFE