Spain's King Juan Carlos is making a "satisfactory" recovery from his latest hip operation, according to a medical bulletin, which said he was clinically stable and his pain was under control.

The 75-year-old monarch underwent successful surgery Thursday to implant a permanent prosthesis in his left hip, an operation performed by Dr. Miguel Cabanela with assistance from the Mayo Clinic's Dr. Robert Trousdale.

The two surgeons removed the king's infected left hip prosthesis on Sept. 24, implanting a temporary prosthesis.

Juan Carlos will remain hospitalized for up to a week, according to Cabanela, who expects the king to be fully recovered within three months and to start walking without crutches or a cane by the spring.

Thursday's surgery at Madrid's Quiron Hospital was the sixth operation the king has undergone since falling and breaking his right hip in a fall during a private hunting trip in Botswana last year. EFE