Xiomara Castro, wife of ousted President Mel Zelaya, will win Honduras' presidential election, leaders of the former first couple's Libre party said Friday.

"We are certain of the triumph of our candidate," Libre vice presidential hopeful Enrique Reina told a press conference two days ahead of the vote.

Castro's win will be "so massive that it will absorb any attempt to manipulate the process" and Libre supporters are "ready to defend" the victory, Reina said.

Eight candidates are vying for the votes of the 5.3 million Hondurans eligible to cast ballots in Sunday's election to choose a successor to President Porfirio Lobo.

Also on the line are 128 congressional seats and 298 mayor's offices.

Libre views the chief judge of the TSE electoral tribunal, David Matamoros, with mistrust because he "has maintained an embarrassing partiality" in favor of a particular candidate, Reina said, though declining to identify the candidate.

Matamoros, Reina said, "has endorsed movements that cast doubt on the certainty, legality and veracity of the electoral process."

The elections are to be monitored by nearly 20,000 observers, including some 800 from abroad.

Mel Zelaya was overthrown by the Honduran military in June 2009 and the elections that brought Lobo to power took place amid widespread repression, violence and media censorship. 

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