The government will work to increase employment, production and exports and will take measures in the exchange market to give "predictability" to Argentina's economy, the new Cabinet chief of staff, Jorge Capitanich, said Thursday.

President Cristina Fernandez's administration will maintain "an exchange rate with an administered float," a reference to the exchange restrictions that have prevailed since late 2011 and have resulted in a surge in the parallel exchange market given the difficulty of obtaining various currencies via official channels, Capitanich said in his first press conference a day after assuming his new post.

The former governor of Chaco refused to comment on a possible exchange division, but he warned that certain luxury imports will now be more costly.

"It's much more important to have special consumables for the production chain that to buy luxury automobiles that satisfy only some specific person," the Cabinet chief said.

"In any case, people will have to pay more for that. We want to defend the work of Argentines and we have to make the maximum effort to have greater economic expansion," Capitanich said.

The economic team, on Fernandez's orders, will negotiate in addition with all actors in the production chain to seek "reasonable prices for the consumer," Capitanich said in response to a question about measures to slow inflation, which private analysts place above 25 percent per year, far higher than the 10.5 percent the government claims. EFE