Spain's Crown Prince Felipe and his wife, Princess Letizia, enjoyed Tuesday one of the most delightfu events on their state visit to the United States, in the patio of a bilingual school in Miami where the schoolkids presented them with an authentic Spanish fiesta full of music, dance and poetry.

The prince and princess of Asturias got a real American welcome from the students at the Coral Way K-8 Center with their boisterous cheers and applause.

The youngsters looked excited and with the best will in the world paraded their acts before the royal couple, who sat attentively on folding chairs in the front row of the auditorium.

The youngsters were from six member schools of Florida's bilingual educational program, a 50-year-old initiative whose fruits were there to see in the flood of folkloric acts in Spanish with which they honored a prince and princess from the other side of the Atlantic.

Because in their recitations of Becquer, Machado, Martin and more, the students clearly showed their love for the language of Cervantes.

The high point was provided by a group of children dressed all in black from the International Studies Preparatory Academy, who first created a hushed silence among the guests, who included Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo and various local authorities.

They broke the quiet on this festive day with Federico Garcia Lorca's "Llanto por la Muerte de Ignacio Sanchez Mejias," the moving elegy to the poet's bullfighter friend, now transported from the heart of Andalusia, by the grace of the second most spoken language in the world, to the Hispanic heart of America. EFE