A group representing undocument immigrant youths in North Carolina renewed its struggle Monday to have those students pay in-state tuition at public universities, by means of an online petition and telephone calls to the state attorney general and education officials.

The NC Dream Team urged everyone in the community to call the offices of Attorney General Roy Cooper and University of North Carolina Board of Governors Chair Peter Hans.

"To remain silent on this matter is to deny these students equal access to education and stand on the wrong side of history," the Dream Team says in a sample script for callers.

The group wants undocumented young people and those protected by the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to be charged the same tuition as state residents at public universities and community colleges, instead of four times as much, as is the case now.

"The attorney general promised he would meet with us to discuss the matter," NC Dream Team spokeswoman Viridiana Martinez told Efe on Monday.

"The attorney general has hopes of becoming governor, and if he wants the support of the Hispanic community, he has to stand by us or at least hear us out and not ignore us," she said.

The Dream Team has mounted several campaigns this year demanding equal access to higher education for the undocumented, with marches, protests and even meetings with lawmakers.

More tuition hikes are expected next spring, with foreign students required to pay an additional 6 percent at community colleges and 12.3 percent more at universities.

A dozen U.S. states allow undocumented migrants to pay in-state tuition at public institutions. EFE