Argentine President Cristina Fernandez will resume her duties on Nov. 18, more than a month after undergoing surgery to drain a hematoma in her skull, the government said Monday.

"She is cardiologically all clear and able to resume her formal activities starting on Monday the 18th," official spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro told reporters.

He read from a medical report produced by the Favoloro Foundation clinic, where Fernandez underwent surgery on Oct. 8, that confirmed that the 60-year-old president is able to return to her regular tasks.

Fernandez, who is midway through her second term, underwent surgery for a cranial hematoma caused by a blow to the head.

The president has spent the last month resting completely at her official Olivos residence, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, accompanied by her grown children, Maximo and Florencia, and a very reduced group of officials.

Scoccimarro said that Fernandez "will continue starting now with the secondary preventive tests, which will include, as has already been announced, a test for bodily oscillatory movement and associated efforts."

The spokesman provided no details on whether the president will continue performing her government tasks from Olivos or return to her office at the Casa Rosada, or if her work schedule will include almost daily public events, as had been the case before the surgery.

Argentina media are speculating that, upon her return, Fernandez will make changes in her Cabinet after her party's poor showing in the October legislative elections. EFE