Spain's Crown Prince Felipe on the weekend in Panama inaugurated the 5th International Congress of the Spanish Language with praise for the "good reader," saying that such a person is "someone disposed to dialogue (and) ... open and prepared for the reasoned discussion of the public sphere and social problems."

Felipe, in the last speech in Panama on his trip to participate in various events within the framework of the 23rd Ibero-American Summit, inaugurated the congress along with Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli.

In his speech, he said that the meeting's program includes discussing many relevant questions on books, writing, intellectual property and authors' rights and how a book is edited, published and distributed to bookstores and libraries.

"But basically everything boils down to the ... reader, a good reader," emphasized the prince, who was accompanied by Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo.

The prince said that high school teachers throughout Ibero-America - and there are about 1,000 Panamanian teachers at the conference - have a basic task in the educational process, which is the creation of readers, something that is "basic for any study and ... for the creation of good citizens."

He said that the language conference is an opportunity to reflect on and debate about the book in society, and he relayed a greeting from Spain's King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia to those attending the gathering.

He also made a number of historical references as they pertain to books, including the 1605 publication of Spain's iconic novel "Don Quixote" and the Spanish Golden Age, and emphasized the work over the past "300 fertile years" of the Royal Spanish Academy of language, the Association of Spanish Language Academies and the Cervantes Institute. EFE