Argentine President Cristina Fernandez was released on Sunday from the Fundacion Favolora Hospital in Buenos Aires, where she underwent surgery last week for a cerebrovascular injury, officials said.

The president returned to the official Olivos residence and will continue recuperating under "strict clinical-cardiological, neurosurgical and neurological monitoring" by the doctors treating her, doctors said.

The 60-year-old Fernandez will have her stitches removed in less than two weeks and must "rest for 30 days," the latest statement from doctors said.

Fernandez should avoid "air travel until the next medical decision is made based on her recovery," doctors said.

Dozens of the president's supporters, the majority of them young people, greeted her at the hospital's entrance, singing and clapping.

Fernandez underwent surgery due to the deterioration of a subdural hematoma in her skull caused by a blow to the head in August.

Officials have not explained how the president sustained the blow to her head.

Fernandez greeted her supporters and thanked them for praying for her, presidential spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro said Sunday. EFE