Argentine President Cristina Fernandez remains "in good spirits" and "in full recovery" from the operation she underwent four days ago, presidential spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro said Saturday.

As has been usual since Fernandez underwent surgery Tuesday for a cerebrovascular injury, Scoccimarro had a brief meeting with the media at the doors of the Fundacion Favolora Hospital in Buenos Aires.

The presidential spokesman said Saturday that the head of state "ate a cherry compote" and that she is even "leafing through some books."

And as he does every day, Scoccimarro also conveyed Fernandez's greetings to all who have been concerned about her health.

The brief medical report issued by specialists treating the president was limited to saying that "she is making postoperative progress without complications, in excellent spirits, eating normally, and with all the clinical and neurological indicators within normal parameters."

The report said that the next official communique will be on Sunday.

Cristina Fernandez, 60, had to be operated due to the deterioration of a subdural hematoma in her skull, which had been caused by a blow to the head she suffered in August, though how that happened has never been stated. EFE