Argentine President Cristina Fernandez is recovering favorably after undergoing surgery to drain a subdural hematoma in her skull, her official spokesman said Friday.

Alfredo Scoccimarro read the latest medical bulletin to journalists gathered outside Fundacion Favaloro hospital in the capital.

The president is "very well and in good spirits" and has been up and walking, the spokesman said.

"Last night she ate pasta, she has just finished a lunch of meat and vegetables, she saw two movies with her sister and sends big kisses to all Argentines and to all who have sent greetings from everywhere in the world wishing her a quick recovery," Scoccimarro said.

Friday's medical report also indicated that the clinical and neurological observations of Fernandez, "as well as the laboratory exams, are within normal parameters."

"She is eating normally," the bulletin said, "and today she got out of bed and walked around her room. She continues under permanent medical observation by professionals of the Institute of Neurosciences of the Favaloro Foundation hospital, and by doctors of the Presidential Medical Unit."

The hematoma resulted from a blow to the head Fernandez suffered in August, but the concentration of blood inside her brain was not detected until last weekend. EFE