President Cristina Fernandez is continuing to recover at a Buenos Aires hospital after surgery to drain a hematoma in her skull that Argentine officials said went "perfectly."

"We're very happy with the result" of the operation and doctors said that "without a doubt the recovery will be very good," Cabinet chief Juan Abal Medina told Argentine radio.

"We estimate that she will remain for several days at the Fundacion Favaloro (university hospital). She is in good spirits and doing very well," he added.

The only medical report released so far confirmed that Tuesday's operation went well.

Accompanying Fernandez at the hospital are her two grown children, Maximo and Florencia, and her mother, Ofelia Wilhelm.

Supporters of the president set up an altar in front of the hospital's main entrance including images of the Virgin of Lujan and Pope Francis, as well as pagan figures that are objects of great public veneration in Argentinia such as Gauchito Gil.

In addition, messages of encouragement and wishes for a quick recovery, most of them bearing the slogan "Fuerza Cristina" (Strength Cristina), which has been spreading like wildfire on the social networks, continue to pour in.

Fernandez, 60, suffers periodically from hypertension and underwent an operation in January 2012 to have her thyroid removed. EFE