Mobile Internet access will improve in Peru in 2014, when 4G technology is rolled out, the Transportation and Communications Ministry said.

Long Term Evolution technology, usually marketed as 4G LTE, will give users "faster download speeds on the Internet than any existing cellular network," the ministry said in a statement.

Telefonica Moviles and Americatel won the bidding in July for two blocks of wireless spectrum that will allow them to offer high-speed mobile Internet service.

With 4G LTE technology, a photo that now takes one minute to download will be available in 25 seconds, while the download time for a song will drop from 10 seconds to 0.38 seconds, the ministry said.

"It is estimated that 234 districts in the country will have this service in the next five years. In Latin America, several countries already enjoy 4G technology, which will be deployed in Peru in 2014," the Transportation and Communications Ministry said.

Peru currently has wireless networks using 3G, HSPA+ and Yedge technology, the ministry said. EFE