Rep. Luis Gutierrez spoke Friday in an interview with Efe about his memoir entitled "Still Dreaming: My Journey from the Barrio to Capitol Hill," which includes new details about his discussions with President Barack Obama about deportations and immigration reform.

"This isn't a book to show how smart I am, or to offer solutions to end hunger in the world. It's the tale of a young guy born in Chicago who slept in a closet on a folding bed, and who reached the point of negotiating immigration reform with the president of the United States," the Illinois Democrat said.

At 60, and even after almost three decades in politics, Gutierrez believes he can still keep dreaming and fighting "for the underprivileged who suffer the most."

He said that by a week after his memoir goes on sale next Monday, "2 million people will have been deported, an unprecedented number."

The last three chapters of the book contain details about his relationship with the president and his frustration about what he considers Obama's lack of decision on the subject of immigration.

On one occasion, the president rebuked Gutierrez in public for the lawmaker's insistence that he put an end to the deportations by executive order.

But Gutierrez's persistence bore its fruit with Obama's June 2012 announcement of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, though he reveals in the book that Republican Sen. Marco Rubio was about to get the jump on him with a similar bill.

Gutierrez told Efe during the interview that despite his clashes with Obama, he has always supported him.

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