Spain's King Juan Carlos was discharged Tuesday from the Madrid hospital where he underwent hip surgery a week ago.

The monarch's recovery from the procedure to remove an infected hip replacement and implant a temporary prosthesis has been "very satisfactory" and he has achieved "sufficient autonomy for everyday movement," the hospital said.

"Very well, very well, as you can see," Juan Carlos told reporters who asked how he was as he left the hospital on crutches and boarded a waiting car for the ride to Zarzuela Palace.

The 75-year-old king will have to undergo another operation in a few months to have a permanent hip replacement implanted.

His doctors say Juan Carlos should be able to walk without crutches within roughly six weeks of the second procedure.

The king's condition has forced him to cancel his trip to Panama for the Oct. 18-19 Ibero-American Summit, making this year's gathering the first in the institution's 22-year history not to include Juan Carlos. EFE