Spain's King Juan Carlos is recovering from successful hip surgery at the Quiron Madrid Hospital, the Royal Palace said Tuesday.

During the three-hour operation, Dr. Miguel Cabanela worked with his regular colleague, U.S. surgeon Robert Trousdale of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, to replace the prosthesis in Juan Carlos' left hip.

Dr. Cabanels said at a press conference Tuesday evening that, due to the operation, the king will not be able to attend the upcoming Ibero-American Summit on Oct. 18 in Panama.

The surgeon said that Juan Carlos will have to undergo a second operation within the next two months to implant a new artificial left hip, after the tissue around the prosthesis he had been using became infected and a temporary one was inserted on Tuesday.

Cabanela said that starting Tuesday, the king will be taking antibiotics intravenously for the next six weeks after which doctors will evaluate his condition and perform the second operation.

He also said that the king would have to use crutches for approximately the following six weeks.

The doctor said that three biopsies were performed on the king last week to try and determine the source of the infection in the tissue surrounding the prosthesis that Dr. Angel Villamor - who accompanied Cabanela at the press conference - implanted almost a year ago.

The doctors said that the operation went smoothly and the king may resume a somewhat "limited" work schedule once he is released from the hospital in four to seven days, although he could remain there longer.

The physicians said that Juan Carlos will undergo rehabilitation sessions for his arms and therapeutic exercise such as walking in a swimming pool over the coming weeks.

Although the prosthesis that was implanted on Tuesday is temporary, the doctors said it is very stable and will allow the king to perform a "certain level of activity" within just a few days. EFE