Spain's King Juan Carlos will undergo surgery on his left hip this week at a hospital on the outskirts of Madrid, the Royal Palace said Sunday.

Officials said Friday that the 75-year-old monarch had developed an infection in the area around the artificial hip implanted in 2012.

A team led by Spanish surgeon Miguel Cabanela, who works at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and is an expert on hip problems, will perform the operation on Tuesday, the Royal Palace said.

Surgeons will replace the artificial hip due to an infection in the prosthesis area, an unusual occurrence.

The doctors will determine in the operating room whether it is best to perform one procedure or two on the king.

King Juan Carlos will have to remain hospitalized for about a week after the surgery if only one procedure is needed, with his recovery taking from eight weeks to six months, Cabanela said on Friday.

The king's activities, including plans to attend the Oct. 18-19 Ibero-American Summit in Panama, will be affected by the surgery.

Juan Carlos has been present at every Ibero-American Summit since the first one in 1991. EFE