Washington's new ambassador to Spain vowed Monday to boost trade between the two nations and to further develop bilateral relations.

"During this critical time in Spain and in the entire European Union, I will rely on my broad business relationships to foster trade between Spain and the United States," emphasized James Costos in remarks after being received by Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo.

His aim in Madrid will be to create "new links and ties of friendship" and to further development the already-existing good relationship, the envoy said.

He also emphasized that he will give priority to "a rapid negotiation of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement, which will create jobs and economic opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic."

The new ambassador confirmed that he intends to "listen and learn," and he added that before taking his new post he had asked U.S. President Barack Obama for advice.

"This is exactly what he said: Listen. Learn. Get out of the Embassy, travel, get to know the Spaniards and the Andorrans. Let them know that continuing to work together is in everyone's interest, that we value them, that they are important to us," Costos added.

Costos, a former cable television executive who arrived in Madrid last Friday accompanied by his partner Michael S. Smith, is replacing Alan Solomont as U.S. ambassador. EFE