Venezuelan Tourism Minister Andres Izarra said the radio station Voz del Orinoco, which broadcasts in the southern state of Amazonas, was closed down because of its "call to rebellion" and for "creating divisions among Venezuelans."

"They were openly making a call to rebellion, a radio station, the radio station of Liborio Guarulla (the opposition governor of Amazonas state)," Izarra said during an act he was leading in Amazonas that aired on state channel VTV.

The minister said that "fortunately" officials from the Conatel telecommunications regulator showed up at the station and now "there is no more fascist radio."

He also said he confirmed that Voz del Orinoco "is an illegal radio station, which has no operating permit of any kind, that has no concession, that does not have the right to use the radioelectric spectrum and less to set Venezuelans against each other."

Izarra gave the news in the context of a workers' conflict at a hotel in Amazonas that is being disputed between the state government, led by Guarulla, and the national government.

Guarulla, for his part, said the national government has mounted "a war against him," which was evident, he said, with the "violent takeover" of Hotel Amazonas by the National Guard (militarized police) and the Tourism Ministry. EFE