The Syrian government will cease hostilities and cooperate with an investigation into the alleged chemical weapons attack south of Damascus, a probe that will begin this week, a U.N. spokesman said Sunday.

"The mission is preparing to carry out its activities to determine the facts at the site starting tomorrow, Monday, Aug. 26," the spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, said.

On Saturday and Sunday, U.N. disarmament chief Angela Kane met with top Syrian government officials, the U.N. spokesman said.

"The aim of the visit was to seek the government's cooperation to facilitate an expedited investigation of the incident that occurred on Aug. 21 in the area of Ghouta, which includes the alleged use of chemical weapons," the U.N. spokesman said.

Hama province Gov. Anas al Naim, meanwhile, died Sunday in a car-bomb attack in the regional capital as he was driving to work, security officials told Efe.

The officials provided no further details about the attack and did not say if there were additional victims, while the official Sana news agency reported that the blast occurred in Hama's Al Yarayema neighborhood.

The opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the attack and said that the vehicle blew up as Al Naim's convoy was passing by. EFE