The president of the Venezuelan Medical Association asked the Venezuelan government Tuesday to declare a health emergency and take steps to address serious problems with the Andean nation's healthcare system.

"We demand...a healthcare emergency be declared here in Venezuela," Dr. Douglas Leon said during a press conference in Caracas.

Leon added to that request the "urgent" funding of hospitals, the reparation of infrastructures, the equipping of facilities, together with a "fair salary" for medical professionals.

Upwards of 90 percent of Venezuela's hospitals have already exhausted their 2013 budgets, he said.

"We have very critical situations in all the hospitals," he said.

Leon also made an "urgent call" to the government to find an immediate solution for the situation that has been created in private clinics.

In June a new regulation was passed to set prices for services offered in private medical centers, which angered the owners who say that providing service under these economic conditions is not practicable. EFE