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The operation performed on Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to remove a thyroid nodule was successful, his chief of staff said.

"We're very happy. Everything went very well, as had been planned," said Aurelio Nuño at a press conference at the Central Military Hospital.

The presidential aide said that the surgery lasted about two hours and added that the president will spend two days recovering in the hospital.

The head of the surgical team, Brig. Gen. Juan Felipe Sanchez, said that "the diagnosis shows no evidence of malignancy."

"We're facing a benign process," he said.

"The main thing in these operations are the nerves that move the vocal chords" and those four nerves are "intact" after the operation, Sanchez said.

Nuño said that the president was accompanied at the hospital by his wife, Angelica Rivera, his children and siblings, and that after recovering from the anesthesia the aide said he appeared happy.

Peña Nieto will return to his official residence of Los Pinos in two days and will hold "working meetings of a private nature" there but will resume his public activities early next week, Nuño said. EFE